Myths About Pest Control

Sometimes it’s just a single ant that found its way into your home, and other times that one ant can be the vanguard of an army of pests. Getting rid of the pests yourself might not prove as effective as hiring an exterminator. But before you make the call be sure to look at these myths about pest control, they might help you out.

The first myth is that if you don’t see them, you don’t have them. While sometimes seeing a random cockroach or ant can just be a one and done thing, always inspect for bigger problems. Many people let their pest problems grow out of control because they’ve convinced themselves they don’t have pests. Then when the problems get noticeable, it takes more time to get them fixed and repaired by mosquito treatment in Wausau.

Next, people think that if they keep their home clean there will be no pests. Cockroaches fall victim to the idea that they live in dirty places, but as long as the pests can get access to food and water they will nest anywhere. Even the cleanest home can fall prey to pests, so make sure that while you are cleaning your home, keep the food and water locked up.

Another myth is that the only way to repel bugs such as ticks is to use herbicides and chemicals. Not true, as most bugs can be repelled with essential oils. For example, cedar oil is a nontoxic repellent to ticks, and you can easily make a mix or water and cedar oil. Spray it on your skin, and watch the ticks recoil from you. Apple cider vinegar is a good repellent if you prefer to use that.

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Getting control over your bug problem doesn’t need to be hard, and debunking these myths has hopefully given you the tools to start fighting back!